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General Questions

About your "Fear/Greed" indicator -- lets say price has moved up and the Fear/Greed is bullish and has formed a hill. Prices retrace and so does the Fear/Greed. The Fear/Greed moves below the 0 line and then moves back above forming another hill but this
After a purchase, can you e-mail the indicator or does it need to be delivered by mail?
Are the ProMom Paintbars available on eSignal? Is the paint bar good for 2-15 min bars?
Are the S&P systems written in EasyLanguage? Is the code disclosed or hidden?
Are you a professional trader or a computer programmer? Do you make your living by trading?
Do the systems generate Buy and Sell signals? Are they automated?
Do you have a free trial period for your add-ons?
Do you have a package deal where if I buy two or more there is a discount?
Do you have any strategies for the Euro Bunds, DAX and EuroStoxx50 markets?
Does the Fear-Greed Oscillator work on Forex charts?
Does your Stochastic RSI indicator allow changes to Period RSI, Period %K Stoch and Slowing %K?
How does your Cycle Turning Points indicator work?
How effective are the Price Magnets with intraday QQQ? I’m trading 5-minute chart bars and am using the Tradestation platform. I’m looking for a tool to identify support and resistance, so that I can increase the probability that my target goal stays
I am curious about your rangefinder for use with Tradestation. I would like to know what the underlying concept is. I do not want another pivot based indicator. Is the RangeFinder based on the previous ranges or moving averages, etc.?
I am impressed by the breadth and variety of your add-on products. Could you please recommend any two indicators that could help a would be day trader?
I am looking for a CCI like indicator that I can find divergence with to buy and sell the e-mini S&P?
I am running the Universal Swing Tool on a Forex chart with the "Show Swing Lengths" input set to True, but the swing lengths all show up on my chart as zeros. Why is that?
I am using Tradestation with RadarScreen. I am most interested in purchasing your Cumulative Volume Float Tool Kit. Is this Tool Kit only for graphing purposes, or can it be used with RadarScreen as well. Also, if I had an interest in the Fib Retracement/
I am using your toolkit for eSignal and need an alert sound for your Trender Pullback tool. Is it possible to have your tools emit an audible alert when a new signal has been created?
I currently have your Point and Figure Tool Kit for Tradestation. I was wondering if an eSignal version would be available at any time in the future?
I have a question regarding the Market Strength Index indicator. For both the OTC market and the Dow Jones Industrial Average are both red or green lines below the zero line of the indicator indicative of a sell signal?
I have heard only good things about your products, quality, and personal integrity. I was interested in the Woods Volume Float Tool. Has your experience with this tool convinced you of the merit of this new way of looking at volume and price?
I have the Jackson Zones and percent of support/resistance seems to be the same whether there is 5 days or 3 years worth of data loaded on the chart. Since the code is password protected and I can't look at it, I was wondering if you could tell me how sup
I have two questions. Will the Lazy S indicator one day be available for Metastock? Does the Woods Cumulative Volume Float Tool Kit for Metastock package include the Woods Cumulative Volume Float indicator, the Woods Historical or Channel Float indicator,
I read about you in the latest issue of “The Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities”. Do you have a printed catalog?
I trade the Bonds and S&P, will the Arps Crown Jewels help me? What tools do you recommend?
I trade the FOREX. Do you have any Point & Figure systems for trading Forex markets?
I use the Jan Arps Oscillators for the majority of my trading. I was wondering if you could provide me with some more information on the Red Line. I use it as my lead indicator, but I don’t really know how it is generated. From what I can see, it must t
Is Radar 2 Price Leader Oscillator the most responsive oscillator? What is good to use as a confirmation tool?
Is your new Trend Locator Paintbar the same as the Trender Paintbars in the Arps’ Trender Tool Kit?
I’m looking for a tool in order to scalp the markets using tick charts for small profits. Is there a tool such as a show me you could recommend?
My question has to do with your new tool “Market Strenth Oscillator”. How does it differ from Radar 1 and Radar 3?
Please explain how the Radar 2 Price Leader works?
Regarding the Trend Locator PaintBar, how many inputs are there to this study? Does this study work on Tradestation? Has there been a strategy written that has the Paintbar study included?
There is no Demo on your website for those systems to indicate how each system works. Do you offer any trial or monthly lease?
What do you recommend for trading opening gaps on stocks?
What is the difference between Parabolic SAR and your Trender indicator?
What specific tools do you recommend to determine Forex Trend?
What tools do you have for Swing Analysis? For Trend Analysis?
Will the Fear Greed (Radar 1) work on the Forex?

Custom Programming

Describe is the process of creating a custom study to my specifications. What do I provide? What do I get?
Do you ship your work as a ready-to-use file?
How do I benefit from your experience in having created hundreds of trading tools?
How do we get started?
How do you charge for your services?
How long have you been developing trading software?
I know you have been in business a long time and probably have seen it all but should I request some custom programming or review of an idea or strategy, does the product remain my intellectual property?
I want to create some TradeStation strategies. If I obtain a TradeStation indicator, may I copy the code into a new strategy or is it source protected?
What kind of documentation do you provide with your studies?

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