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CIG- Technical Analysis Tool Kit

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Our Price: $2,450.00
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Our Price: $2,450.00

As listed below, the CIG Technical Analysis Tool Kit includes 28 indicators, covering important technical analysis patterns and trading techniques as described in our new book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Technical Analysis. The tool kit comes with a comprehensive instruction manual. For inquiries, send an email to

CHAPTER 5 Surfing the Waves and Swings

1. Arps Universal Swing- Pro

2. TT6 Elliott Wave Counts Up and Down Tool

3. Double top(bottom)

4. Head-and-Shoulders

CHAPTER 6 Bridging the Gaps and Waving the Flags

5. Bull Flag

6. Bear Flag

7. TT Triangles Pattern Tool

CHAPTER 7 Trendlines and Trend Channels

8. Auto Trendlines

9. Trendlines on Oscillator

10. Arps Trender

11. Arps Triple Trender

12. Trender Pullback

13. Andrews Pitchfork

14. Linear Regression Channel

CHAPTER 8 Clarifying Raw Data with Moving Averages

15. Hull Moving Average

CHAPTER 9 Understanding Oscillators

16. Radar2 Price Leader

17. Radar3 Trend Index

CHAPTER 10 When Oscillators and Price Diverge

18. Autodiv 2.2 - Autodivergence Detection tool

CHAPTER 11 Trading with Point-and-Figure Charts

19. 45 Degree Trendlines

20. Double top/bottom

21. Triple top/bottom

22. High pole and low pole

23. Symmetrical Triangle

CHAPTER 12 Price and Volume as Key Indicators

24. Radar1 Fear/Greed Indicator

CHAPTER 13 Volume Float Analysis

25. Woods Float Channel Indicator

26. Woods Float Analysis Indicator

27. Woods PCT


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Full Risk Disclosure

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