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Flag Scanning (SCA)™ Toolkit

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As presented in our October 13, 2010 Blog Post, Trading Flag Patterns the Easy Way, and recent webinars, the new Arps Flag Scanning (SCA) Tool Kit consists of three essential tools the trader needs to effectively locate Flag Patterns and trade Flag Pattern Breakouts. SCA stands for Scan, Chart, and Automate. The tool kit includes:

1. Our proprietary Flag Scanning indicator that will efficiently scan for Bull/Bear Flag Patterns and Flag Breakouts on any large symbol list of stocks, futures, and tradable instruments.

2. Our proprietary Bull and Bear Flag chart indicators that will display confirmed Bull/Bear Flag Patterns and Flag Breakouts on any chart symbol and time frame.

3. Our proprietary Flag Strategy that will automate the execution of a Flag Breakout trade position on any flag pattern selected for a trading position in the event a breakout occurs.

To learn more about the capabilities of this exciting new tool kit, click on Blog on our home page to review the October 13, 2010 Blog post that demonstrates the tool kit in detail.

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