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Linear Regression Channels - Automatic

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This study plots a straight-line linear regression centerline from the last significant high/low to the most recent bar. The trend channel boundaries are then drawn parallel to the median line and spaced apart at a distance controlled by one of several possible mathematical techniques. The most common of these techniques is to space the channel boundaries a given number of standard deviations on either side of the center line. However, this study also allows the user to use other channel methods e.g. using fixed percentage of price to calculate the channel width, or using percent of the closing price to determine channel width, .

Linear Regression Channels can be very useful tools to the swing trader, since they provide several important pieces of information simultaneously:

They indicate the direction of the immediate trend.

The width of the channel is an indicator of the level of price volatility within the immediate trend.

The length of the channel is an indicator of trend persistence.

The channel boundaries and centerline are excellent trending support/resistance lines.

A solid break of the channel boundaries signals a probable change in trend direction.

To calculate the starting point for each successive Linear Regression Channel, this study automatically detects the most recent swing high and swing low of the price chart. The amount of price reversal required to define a swing reversal, and therefore the sensitivity of the indicator, is controlled by the input variable, SENSITIV, which is a multiplier of the average true range of the price bars. A SENSITIV value of 1 will display swings of the smallest magnitude, while a SENSITIV of 10 will display only very major swings. Typically, to display roughtly 5-8 swings in a chart window, a SENSITIV value of around 3 to 5 will work with charts of any tradeable in any price range, with a chart bar spacing of around 4 to 6. This method assures that a swing high will always be followed by a swing low and is very effective in most dynamic swing analysis studies.

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