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  • Be Prepared!

    Hawk’s Scan Sentry Report for Monday March 28, 2011

    Welcome to Hawk's Scan Sentry Report. This is Sunday night with a few stock picks for the week beginning March 28, 2011. But first, a little allegory.

    They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Well please, don't confuse the weather with the financial markets; the only lamb in the markets is a wolf in a sheep's clothing.

    A few nights ago there were tornado warnings near the county wherein I was abiding. I could physically feel the effects of the rapidly dropping air-pressure, it was creating a sense of uncertainty in the atmosphere, kind of like the stock market throughout much of this month. Eventually, the barometer steadied and the wind blew enough of the clouds apart that a few stars were visible in the suburban sky, similar to the beginning of the recovery in the indexes before last week. So, I decided to venture out for a short walk. As I ambled along, the sky became clearer and calmer, kind of like last week's rally in many markets, so I chose to venture a little further from my domicile. I stopped paying attention to the weather and focused my awareness on the perfumed fragrances of of the early Spring blossoms in the night. I was walking in olfactory heaven.

    It began to rain gently... softly. Since I had extended my range several miles from home it seemed a good idea to turn around. Then, as suddenly as a panicked sell-off from an unexpected tsunami, the rain began pummeling my cap, my coat, and my trousers; but I had no way to get out of it. I was not prepared with an 'exit' strategy to get out of this deluge. Of course, I was soaked by the time I got home.

    The moral? The market may or may not keep rising.... but, like a good boyscout, ALWAYS BE PREPARED with an exit strategy!

    So, this week I performed my scan looking for recent Pullback 23 signals (both long and short) on the weekly charts. I then took that list of approximately 75 symbols generated by the scanner and placed them onto my TradeStation RadarScreen with all of my Scan Sentry tools applied, to see what I could find that looked like interesting entry possibilities for early this week. Below are a few that I identified through the technical analysis made so much easier by the Arps Scan Sentry tools.

    Symbol Reason:


    PNM                      PB23, Flag

    WDC                      TTT6


    ORA                       PB23

    APWR                    PB23, Flag

    All of these symbols showed recent signals in the Trend Exhaustion 1 tool.

    May the trend be with you,


  • Hawk's Scan Sentry Report

    Hawk’s Scan Sentry Report for Monday March 21

    This weekend I attended an excellent seminar presented by ‘Crosshairs Trader’ David Blair ( ), wherein he preached some of the sacred proscriptions of trading. We all know them, of course: focus, patience, discipline, strategy; and we usually try to trade by them. But for those of us who are human and imperfect (Goldman Sachs’ algorithms excluded), he provided an enlightening and inspiring discourse on some of his revelations and techniques toward trading. I left the meeting feeling inspired that, given an unshakable faith in a verifiable edge and a righteous commitment to the commandments of my money management plan, I could handle the dangerous vipers of the markets and prosper in the glory of an ascending equity curve. Hallelujah!

    So, being particularly wary of the general volatility and the uncertain nature of our current market condition, I turned to my Scan Sentry Toolkit to help me try and locate any stocks which may fit the criteria for my own set-ups. The following showed potential for short term entry positions this week.  Remember, the virtues of resolute money management (stop lines and profit parameters) are the difference between life and death in your trading account.

    Longs                   Reason

    CBR                       Radar1&2, TTT6

    CRL                       Radar1&2, PB23

    Shorts                  Reason

    ICLR                      Radar1&2

    EDU                      TTT4, Flg

    May the trend be with you,


  • Hawk's Scan Sentry Report

    It has been brought to my attention that I listed PDX as a stock selection (a perscription?) for a long position this morning. The correct symbolis PXD . I have attached the same chart that I posted lastnight for your perusal.  My apologies for any confusion this may have caused.

    May the trend be with you,


  • Hawk's Scan Sentry Report

    Hawk’s Scan Sentry Report for Wednesday March 16, 2011

    Welcome to the brand new Scan Sentry Report.  I’m Hawk Arps, one of the developers of the Scan Sentry Toolkit, and this is Tuesday night with my stock picks for the last part of this week.

    It seems like these days there are quite a lot of men and women out there analyzing and blogging about the stock indexes and other markets.  But do you really need a ‘specialist’ to tell you that the American markets have been churning like a locomotive for six months and now they’re correcting.  Of course not! And, really, there are quite a lot of capable men and women out there providing stock picks; of course, most of those come with a subscription price. Well, please, let me add my voice to this din of financial babel…  because what we really need are good technical analysis tools that give timely signals. Therefor, I have once again come up with some stock entry opportunities by performing a scan using tools from the Arps Scan Sentry Toolkit; and I offer them to you here, free of charge, to do with what you see fit.

    Through the laborious efforts of technical analysis made so much easier by the Arps Scan Sentry tools, I have come up with these ideas to look at for entry possibilities for short term swing trade positions.

    Here are the picks…

    Symbol- Reason:


    SOLR              TE1,PB23

    PXD                TE1x2


    CAKE             TE1,PB23

    LCC                PB23,TPB

    All of these symbols showed recent signals in the Trend Exhaustion 1 tool.

    May the trend be with you,


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