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Arps Trender™ Toolkit

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The exciting and versatile Arps Trender Tool Kit comes complete with :

Arps Trender Indicator

Arps Trender
Trender Indicator

Trender PaintBar

Trender ShowMe

Trender Indicator on RadarScreen

• Arps Trender Indicator for charting and RadarScreen

• Arps Trender PaintBar

• Arps Trender Pullback ShowMe for charting and RadarScreen

• Arps Trender LX and SX Adaptive Trailing Stops

• Arps Trender SAR Stop and Reverse Strategy

The Arps Trender indicator plots a blue line trailing below price bar lows when the trend is up. When the trend is down it plots a red line trailing above price bar highs.

The Arps Trender is a very robust indicator that works across all time frames and markets. As you watch the Trender develop in real time, you will be amazed its ability to stay far enough away from price extremes to avoid inevitable noise and potential whipsaws, while following close enough behind price to capture the majority of position profits when the trend reverses.

A Trender reversal occurs only if price closes outside the Trender. A user-controlled input gives you the option to have a Trender reversal occur on any penetration.

Multiple Time Frames and Sensitivity Settings

A user-controllable input gives you the flexibility to change the sensitivity of the Arps Trender. A low value makes the Trender more sensitive, reflecting more short-term trend changes, while a higher value makes the Trender less sensitive, better reflecting the longer-term trend. This sensitivity "volume control" input is universally applicable across all time frames and prices. By inserting the Arps Trender more than once on the same chart with different sensitivity settings you can quickly see the trend direction in multiple time frames.

Arps Trender PaintBar Study

The Arps Trender PaintBar study paints price bars blue when price is above the Trender and red when price is below the Trender.

There are many methods for utilizing the Arps Trender to generate trade entries and exits. For example, you could set the Trender PaintBar to a very sensitive value while setting the Arps Trender Indicator to display a line of a less sensitive value and take a trade only when the PaintBar color is consistent with the Trender color (see example below).

Arps Trender Pullback ShowMe

The Arps Trender Pullback ShowMe study identifies price bars that penetrate, but close inside, the Arps Trender. These points indicate a pullback occurring within the trend and often represent excellent entry points anticipating the continuation of an existing trend.

By using your Arps Trender Tool Kit you will find that it quickly becomes one of the most useful and versatile studies in your technical analysis library.

The Arps Trender Toolkit includes the following:

Arps Trender Indicator: -- Plots the Arps Trender as a line on the price chart.

Arps Trender PaintBar: -- Plots a blue PaintBar when price is trending up (price above Trender) and a red PaintBar when price is trending down (price below Trender).

Arps Trender Pullback ShowMe: -- Plots a ShowMe dot on any bar that penetrates and closes inside the Arps Trender.

Arps Trender LX and SC Adaptive Trailing Stops

Arps Trender SAR Stop-and-Reverse Strategy


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