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Arps Cup and Handle Formation Finder

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This study identifies a "Cup With Handle" formation on any chart in any time frame. The pattern is so named because, when viewing a price chart, it appears roughly like a cup. The price rises to a peak and then falls, forming the left side of the cup. From there the stock trades sideways for some time, then rises to form the right side of the cup. After completion of the cup, before the stock breaks out to new highs, the price often hits resistance and pulls back a little. This pullback forms what looks like a handle on the cup. The peak at the right side of the cup defines the buy or breakout point, referred to as the "pivot price".

The cup-with-handle formation in itself does not signify a "buy" signal. Some stocks that complete this setup do not break out. They often roll over, forming the right shoulder of a head-and-shoulders topping pattern and fail disastrously. From the cup-with-handle pattern identification point, the user should wait for the stock to break out on significant volume before buying.

This indicator has one input, SENSITIV, which controls the sensitivity of the indicator. Typical values range between 5 and 100. Lower values mean greater sensitivity, i.e. more signals, and higher values mean less sensitivity. A recommended beginning value is 25.

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